Google 200 Ranking Factors 2019 - Complete List

I am here to help you understand Google SEO. Yes, let us talk about the important Google ranking factors. 

I should tell you there are almost 200 ranking factors which make or break position of sites in google.  

What the heck are these factors?  

I have clubbed together all the factors here for you. So, it is a Complete 200 Google Ranking Factors List for you.  

I should also tell you that some of them are proven and some are highly controversial. And few of them are speculations by SEO nerds.  

We will focus on factors across Domain, Web Page Level, Site-Level, Backlink, User Interaction, Special Google Algorithm Regulations, Brand Signals, On-Site and Off-Site Web Spam factors.

google ranking factors

Google Ranking Factors With Respect To Domain or URL

Domain age, Keywords in name of your domain or url, Keyword as first word of your domain or url, Domain registration length (speculation), Keyword-based sub-domain, History of your URL or domain, Exact Match Domain, Private / Public WhoIs, Personalized WhoIs Owner, Country TLD Extension .cn, .pt, .ca) etc. 

Google Ranking Factors (Page-Level Factors)

The use of the primary keyword or keywords in the title tag, Starting the title tag with the primary keyword, Use of keyword in Description Tag, Use of all primary and secondary keywords in Description Tag, Only keywords-based Description Tag, Use of keyword(s) in H1 Tag, H2 Tag, H3Tag, H4 Tag, H5 Tag.

Term frequency–Inverse document frequency (tf-idf), Keyword Density, Word-count / Length of the web page content, Use of Internal links, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords in Title, Description, Header Tags, LSI Keywords in webpage content, Topic coverage through web content, Web Page Loading Speed.

Use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Entity Match, Plagiarized Content / copy-paste content, Complete v/s Partial plagiarized content, Rel=Canonical, Image optimization, Content Uniqueness, Content Relevancy, Content Freshness, Content Presentation, Magnitude of content updates, Historical web page updates, Outbound link quality, Grammar, vocabulary 

Readability score (Average sentence length, familiarity of words, complexity of sentences, syllable count, percentage of multi-syllable words, average word length), Syndicated content, Mobile-friendly web pages, Mobile usability, Hidden text or text on display 

Number of inbound and outbound links, Use of multimedia, Quality of inbound and outbound links, Domain authority, Web Page Rank, Length of the domain or url, URL path, Web Page Tags or Categories, URL Strings, Citations or References, Sitemap, Page Age, 

Site Level Factors 

Value of the content (whether it is valuable or not for the web readers), presence of crucial web pages (like contact us page, address or map page, terms and conditions page, privacy policy, cookies policy or disclaimer pages), domain trust, site navigation, site architecture, site updates, uptime or downtime, server strength, server location, SSL certificate, duplicate web page titles or meta descriptions.

Breadcrumb navigation, social channels integration on site, site usability, google search console or google analytics account linking, reviews from users on google my business or google map, percentage of linking domains, percentage of popular linking domains, authority of linking pages, links from bad or irrelevant sits, no follow links, do follow links, diversity of link types, contextual links.

Internal link anchor text, link title attribution, 301 redirects, links from authority sites, reciprocal links, schema for site, link farms, click through rate (CTR), bounce rate, direct traffic recurrent traffic, pogosticking, dwell time, featured snippets, pop ups, above the fold content, doorway pages etc. 

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