How To Develop SEO Content For Websites?

For first-time web content writers, developing content for the website can be very challenging. Business owner will always want to have the best write-up. They will make sure that each and every piece of the copy shall represent their business in the most effective way. On the top of it, they would also make sure that it shall be SEO-friendly. Of course, those who are experienced in writing may not face any trouble in creating awesome content that is rightly optimized for the sites but those who do not have any hands-on experience of the same may struggle a lot. 

What is SEO Writing?

The primary purpose of any business owner who would like to get their site created is that they want to have online identity. They want to promote their business. They want to reach out to new customers. They want to increase their sales. 

Google and other search engines recommend that the site shall be designed and developed as per the rules of the web optimization. So, what are those rules? One of the simple rules is that the site shall have good content. It shall have right density of keywords. It shall not look spammy. It shall clearly convey the meaning or the purpose of the site in the simplest way. 

So, how a novice writer can develop SEO content?

Someone who is new to SEO content needs to understand that it is very simple to create. Yes, you have got it right. You just need to focus on some basic things. First, develop the content for the users. Carry out the research on services or the products which the business provides. Try to understand more about how the competitors have represented their business. Try to figure out how they have placed the keywords in the content. Focus on the density of the keywords per web page too.

Begins with keyword research 

Good SEO content will be based on good keyword research. An experienced SEO writer will first pay attention to carrying out some research on the most relevant keywords which the business want or which the internet users may use to search service providers online.  

The best tool would be “keyword planner” by Google. To get access to this tool, you need to create “Google Adwords Account.” This account may allow you to search for the new and latest keywords, get complete details about search volume, frequency, popularity level, etc. 

Keyword Planner By Google

There are various other keyword planners which one can use such as The Hoth, Word Stream, Keywords Everywhere, Wordtracker Scout etc. One can also use other free tools such as Google Correlate, Google Trends etc. 

Wordstream  Keyword Planner

You just need to enter some relevant business terms (referred to as keywords in SEO terminology) and you will find the popularity level of that particular term. 

After keyword research

After completion of the keyword research, you will have clear idea of what keywords to be used in the content. Of course, you do not have to focus on making use of keywords which may sound grammatically awkward. For instance, it makes sense to make use of the keyword: “Content Writers In Dubai” but the keyword such as “Content Writer Dubai” may sound a little bit awkward. But, if you find the frequency or the popularity level such grammatically incorrect keywords or phrases higher then you can use them in your web copy. 

Where to add the keywords in the web content?

The use of the primary business terms shall be in accordance to the SEO principles. As a content developer, you will have to select the right set of keywords and then go on to arrange the keywords in the content as needed to make it look more awesome. 

Developing complete web copy first and then pay attention to adding the most relevant keywords or phrases. Doing so in the beginning is not at all suggested. In fact, this will lead to some kind of trouble. Originality of the content will be marred it will not look good to users. 

Use of the keyword in the first paragraph is recommended. 

Use of keywords at least, 3-4 times or 6-8 times in content of 500 words or 1000 words is must. If you do not include the primary keyword in the first paragraph of the web copy, then search engines will not be able to rank the web page easily. It is recommended that there shall be at least one relevant keyword or any other keyword which is much more relevant to client’s business.

Page Titles: You will have to focus on optimizing page titles. This part of On-Page SEO plays a crucial role in bring your site on Top Page of Google. Use the most relevant keyword.

Meta Descriptions: Use of the keyword in Meta Description is recommended. But, make sure you do not repeat the keyword as this might not be liked by the search engines.

Use of keywords across Subheadings, Images, URLs, Link Anchor Text, Social Media can lead to better ranking in Google and other search engines. 

It has got to be unique. 

Content that is copied never gets any preference from these giant search engines A good web copywriter or content writer will always write from scratch. No copied sentences or phrases.


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