Tips For Creating Engaging Content - Simplifying Complex Content For Audience

Creating engaging content is not a piece of cake. It is a big task. In a study at Beckon, it is revealed that content marketing was almost 300 percent in the year 2016 but with respect to engagement it was only 5 percent. 

Even worse, there is a small percentage of web visitors or web readers who take little time to read and engage with the content. On average, web visitors spend not more than 5-10 seconds or 37 seconds on your page. And within this time, if your web copy can grab their attention, they stay or otherwise, they leave. 

How one can create or develop an amazing piece of digital content which is simple and easy-to-understand for readers  - regardless of how complex or convoluted the subject matter is? 

The plan for creating amazing content is simple.  

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You will have to present things in convincingly simplest form but with focus on not making the readers boring. Because, if they get bored they will leave and will go search for something else. 

It sounds simple, isn’t it?

But, when one tries to execute it, it looks a bit difficult. But, it should not be that difficult.

How to make content on boring or complex subjects (like the oil and gas industry, how mobile towers work, why Einstein theory fails and others). We will have to present these complex things in the simplest way so that it can be understandable for the target audience. Surely, you can’t expect the audience to be Johnson - one who is a master of words.  

I should tell you that this clarity-driven task is all up to the content developer 

 To be honest, it is simply more than just writing or jotting down a sales copy

Words alone may not be enough sometimes to make a complex subject clear or much clearer for the audience. Other elements come into play a crucial role too. 
  • Website layout
  • On-page seo elements 
  • Infographics 
  • Corporate video  
An excellent piece of writing with poor execution of any of the aforementioned elements can make the web readers click away. Yes, they will just simply shut down and move to some other site. 

Make it simple but effective 

Clarity is of utmost importance in today’s world of digitization - especially in a time of short attention spans coupled with tens and hundreds of distractions.  

When great writing combines with a great layout, magic is created. The clarity is revealed and help attract web visitors.  

Avoiding jargon or complex words  

Simplicity is needed to be inculcated into the content and for this purpose, the content writer will have to completely avoid jargon or complex words. Even if someone is writing about science or invention one hsa to be very careful in making the readers understand that topic in simple words. There is certainly no need to add topic-specified jargon or terminology. 
The more complex the topic or the subject, the more complex the word-groups or jargon. 

See, if it can be described in explanatory manner. If it can be done then you will achieve your goal. You will be able to deliver your message across your audience.  
  • Get the web readers involved with you with your write-up
  • Dividing content into smaller paragraphs and Using subheadings graciously are recommended 
  • Simple sentences are much preferred, rather than long and complex sentences 


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