Importance Of Optimized Web Content - How To Rank Higher In Google?

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SEO writing is, by far, the most important form of writing when it comes to creating good presence in search engines. Optimized content will make it easy for any site to reach first page of google or other search engines. Trust me, it may not be possible for any site to gain top ranking until or unless it is peppered with right optimization. 

Here, I am going to reveal some basics to advanced strategies which go into making a web page 100 percent optimized or to be more precise, “UNIQUE” in search engine terminology. 

Here, I have not focused on other 300+ seo factors which actually play a quintessential role in ranking the site. Rather, I have paid attention to the heart of the on-page seo because, if you can get your on-page seo done well then it can be piece of cake for you to go about with off-page seo. 

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SEO Content Writer You Need To Hire 

An SEO writer will have to take into consideration a large number of on-page seo content factors which ensure the content of the web pages is perfectly optimized.

Use of the keywords

The first things that is of great importance is use of right or appropriate keywords. To be honest, search for the most business-friendly, traffic-generating keywords is needed. This is the job of not just the SEO team but of the web writer too. It is very important that the seo writer shall be aware of the various keywords tools available online. 

There are free and paid tools which can be used. One of the best is Keyword Planner which we can find in Google Adsense Account. Other tools such as Moz’s Keyword Explorer, SEMRush Keyword Tool, KWFinder, 

There is a need to know more about the right short and long tail keywords, low-volume or high-volume keywords, more competitive or less competitive keywords.

Peppering content with right keywords

Certainly, a writer will not have to make use of the business terms or keywords 100 times to make it more optimized. Rather, the use of such terms or key business words shall be restricted. In fact, Google and other search engines have already recommended the right keyword density. For a web page of about 300 words, the use of the high-volume, competitive or less competitive keywords shall be not more than 2-3 times. 

But, for a blog post of about 2000-3000 words, the keyword density can go up to 5 percent as well. 

Using the right phrases - short and long - it can be easy to attract the search engines. 


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