Top Ways To Market Business Online For FREE

Wondering how you can promote your startup! Want to market your business online without investing any money on it?

Let me help you with making it a reality for you. I have done this for myself and for many of the business owners who do not want to spend more money on it. 

But, let me tell you a few important things first. When I say FREE, it doesn’t mean completely FREE. But, it really means huge savings. 

Generally, for marketing business online, Emirati entrepreneurs spend like 20,000 to 30,000 AED. That is a really huge amount.

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Website Designers Dubai

How this amount is invested?

You invest more of your money on the following: 
  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting 
  • Website Design and Development  
  • Website Optimization (SEO for website)
  • Business Card Design / Flyer Design
  • E-Brochure or Business Profile Design
  • Direct Marketing Through Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing or Optimization
Domain Name Registration and Hosting 

You will have to spend a little amount on registering business name (domain name) and hosting. (do you know, even without hosting, you can make your site LIVE. There are free hosting options too. Give me a call today to know more). 

Website Design and Development 

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, E Commerce technology can certainly be the best for your business site. HTML5 can also be the best option. But, do you know, there are various platforms which can help you get the site designed and developed with a few clicks. You can try out. Or if you want. Let me take care of design and development of your site. Design and develop site from scratch. And what do you pay for it? Trust me, it would be very less. You can’t imagine the quote to be that much affordable! . 

IS SEO Really Needed?

Generally, when your business site is ready, you then get propelled to opt for SEO - Search Engine Optimization. But, you shall know that even without SEO, site can be ranked higher in google and its position on first page of google and other search engines can easily be maintained. 

Marketing Through PPC 

I would not recommend marketing through PPC. especially, for startups, budget is a big issue. Of course, if you have big budget, PPC can be much better option to advertise business products or services but if the budget is limited then it is better to promote business through other cost-effective means (I have got ten exciting advertising plans for your business. Please, email me to receive those marketing plans).

Get Your E-brochure, Flyer, Letterhead, Business Card Designed for FREE! 

You have got that right. You won’t spend a penny for it. I can help you with it. So, do not waste time or your money on getting your business card or other business marketing essentials designed. 

If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to spend more money then it is time that you get connected with me. I can help you with setting up your business online at a cost that is 70% lesser than what you actually will have to pay to get your business online and get it marketed to generate some leads. 


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